Cohort Experience

Advantage Classroom

Cohort groups meet one night per week, minimizing interference with family and work. Only one module is taken at a time, allowing students to juggle family, work, college, and other responsibilities more effectively. Each cohort group progresses through the program modules together in order to build a sense of community. Advantage courses are facilitated by Mid-Continent University’s full-time professors and adjunct faculty. Professors and adjunct faculty blend textbook theory with workplace application, making each module an exciting and valuable learning experience.

Instructional modules are scheduled in a way that allows you to fit your college education into an already busy schedule. Students have the opportunity to learn in an environment designed for adults rather than in a traditional 18-22 year old setting. Classes are conducted in a seminar format and benefit from the varied experiences and significant ideas of classmates in each cohort group.

Many on-site services are provided for student convenience: academic advising, financial aid counseling, book delivery, and registration. Students can also access the Advising Center during office hours and consult with your personally assigned advisor. The curriculum is distributed with detailed assignments for each week, helping students to adjust their study schedule accordingly. Many credits are accepted from previous undergraduate academic work, including courses taken several years ago. These are just some of the ways Mid-Continent University seeks to serve you and provide an enjoyable and rewarding classroom experience.

“We have grown into mostly one big happy family. We have been through a lot. We have laughed together and shed a few tears together; we have had a meal or two together. We have prayed through surgeries, job changes, teenagers…We have had military deployments, a death in the family, and a fund raiser for a cancer patient, my dad, who is now, praise God, cancer-free. We have gone through a divorce. We have rejoiced through two marriages. This family that I speak of is not just a group that meets every Tuesday night.”

Douglas Tarrence – Owensboro 2