Myrian Freeman-Advantage student-makes it to The Voice tryouts!

Myrian Freeman is a mother, wife, student and employee. She is currently working towards her associate’s degree through the Advantage Programs at Mid-Continent University in the Paducah 19F cohort group. Myrian, who currently lives in Calvert City, has been singing since the age of five. She said, “I started singing in church and pretty much kept singing in the church until I moved away from my home church in Georgia. Music is a very important part of my life. If I’m sad I play happy music to help me get through until I am in a better mood.  When I wake up I play exciting music and sing myself out of the house.  I get in the car, plug up my play list and sing myself all the way to work. Music is my life. There is always music for every situation in life.  Music is kind of like Apple products but better; ‘There’s always a song for that’ no matter what it is.”

In the course of Myrian’s studies through Advantage, she had a Music Appreciation class that required her and 3 others to produce a group presentation. Myrian decided, as part of her contribution, to sing a compilation of the music that our selected artist was famous for. She said, “After our presentation was over, my classmates encouraged me to try out for the local talent show hosted by WPSD Local Six News that was two days later. I auditioned and was called back to be in the top 20 contestants. I auditioned again and was selected in the top 4. WPSD is sending myself and three others to audition for the producers of the TV reality show “The Voice” the first and second of February!! I am very excited to have an opportunity to audition!”

“I thank God for leading me to this school where He always comes first. I know that if I had not started back to school the conditions would not have been right for me to have this chance at my dreams! I am so happy for all the people and things God put in my life that got me to this point,” Myrian said.

Mid-Continent University wishes the best of luck to Myrian!