*Students – Please do not create your own student email account. MCU’s IT Department sets up student emails. Please contact studentsupport@midcontinent.edu with any student email questions.

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Office 365 Student Email 

As an MCU student, you have a student email account from Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft outlook is your official university-business email system and can be accessed from the web any time. 

Please note that if you are replying to an email or emailing MCU faculty or staff, be sure to do so from your email.midcontinent.edu account to ensure that it does not go into our spam filter. 


Click Here to access your student email account

Microsoft Office features 

With your log-in credentials you can work with Office files virtually anywhere. Microsoft Office Web Apps are free online companions to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Use them to view, edit, and share Office files from virtually anywhere with internet access. To access these tools, click the links below and use your MCU email log-in credentials. 

Click Here to access Skydrive

Click here to access Microsoft

Click Here for additional tips on using Office 365 web apps.


If you are having issues or need to re-request or reset your log-in information please email: studentsupport@midcontinent.edu 

Using Office 365 Email & Sky drive on mobile devices 

If you have a smartphone or tablet, search your app store for the Outlook Web Email App (abbreviated OWA for iPhone & iPad). This will allow you to use an app for quickly checking your student email account. 

A SkyDrive application is also available for mobile devices for accessing your web documents on the go. Shop your device’s app store (like iTunes or Google Play) for details. 

Another recommended app is called Documents Free, which will allow you to sync Office documents from Skydrive, Google docs, and more. Android & Google devices also have Office to go apps available.

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